Velsheda 50'

  1. The heritage
  2. The hull
  3. Designer
  4. On deck
  5. Interiors
  6. At sea
  7. It's in the details


The heritage

Camper & Nicholsons Yachts is synonymous with the world of yachting. Since yacht and boat building commenced at Camper & Nicholsons back in 1782, some of the finest and most famous yachts in the world have been built by the company. Several of these yachts have earned immortality in the history books for their illustrious racing careers, particularly the magnificent Big Class cutters and J-Class racers of the 1920s and ‘30s.

Both Shamrock IV and Shamrock V were designed by Charles Nicholson and built for Sir Thomas Lipton to challenge for the America’s Cup. Endeavour and Velsheda were also Camper & Nicholsons yachts, the first built for one of Britain’s most celebrated yachtsmen, Sir Thomas Sopwith, who’s aircraft company was largely responsible for building Britain’s First World War air force, and the second for Woolworth Chairman William F Stephenson.

Camper & Nicholsons also produced one of the largest motor yachts ever built in Britain, the 1629 ton Philante, subsequently converted and renamed Norge for her new role as the Norwegian Royal Yacht. In 1960, Camper & Nicholsons developed the first of their glass fibre range of yachts. Even with today’s sophisticated technology, it is comforting to know that each Nicholson yacht is virtually hand built beyond the moulding stage. In every sense, Camper & Nicholsons remain yachting’s first family.

The hull

“The high-deadrise, or deep-V, hull is proven and accepted as the ultimate hullform for speed with comfort and safety in rough water. It is a measure of Ray’s genius that today, after decades of attempts by others to conceive a better high-performance and racing hull, his original deadrise angle remains proven as the optimum.

While Hunt Design has made, and continues to discover, small refinements to this design, Ray’s basic deep-V hullform offers superior characteristics that give it the ability to navigate rough seas at higher speed with more safety and comfort than any other hull design. The sharp entry forward keeps pounding to a minimum. There is no deep forefoot to cause bow steering and broaching. The V-shape is carried all the way to the transom, resulting in evenly distributed displacement and lateral plane. These factors urge the hull to travel straight through and over the seas with only moderate steering effort, even in quartering or following seas, an extremely important safety advantage when running down waves and especially when entering rough inlets. At planing speeds, this hull gains stability from planing forces, so rolling is minimized.

Our high-deadrise V-shape is inherently stable. As the boat tries to roll, the deep-V puts more and more hull into the water, forcing it back upright. The V-shape also allows the hull to bank in a turn, not roll outward like a round or flat-bottomed hull. And, at displacement speeds, the deep-V hull has more draft than the typical planing hull, so it behaves more surely, like a displacement hull. The Velsheda 50’ features the Hunt deep-V planing hull design, built using a resin infusion laminating system, to ensure top performance, outstanding sea-keeping qualities, and moderate fuel consumption”.

– C. Raymond Hunt Associates


C. Raymond Hunt Associates was founded in 1961 as a partnership between Ray Hunt and John Deknatel, the current President of the firm. This association originally was formed to deal with the heavy flow of projects that resulted from the extraordinary performance of Ray’s design for the Bertram 31.

Ray Hunt, whose work was marked by great variety and success, was one of the most innovative designers of his time. His most significant contribution to the field of small craft design was the creation of the high-deadrise, deep-V hull which revolutionized the development of fast powerboats. C. Raymond Hunt Associates have enjoyed a long association with production builders, having designed lines of powerboats and motor yachts for them which have had popular and commercial success.

[courtesy hunt design]

On deck

The great versatility of the deck layout makes the Velsheda 50’ perfectly suited to different uses, from a day trip to a complete cruise. In the cockpit, the area protected by the coach roof is dedicated to seating and dining, with two settees and low tables, a perfect place to eat and lounge with guests, shielded from the sun and the wind but fully immersed in the surrounding nature.

Further to stern, two large sunbathing areas offer unparalleled relaxation at the water’s edge, with a direct access, through the large transom gate, to the bathing platform. The ample space provided allows for complete customisation of the layout, with a deck organised by functionality according to the owner’s uses and requirements, including a centrally positioned fighting chair. The awning, mounted as a direct extension of the coach roof, can protect the entire cockpit from the sun. Optionally, a large central sunbathing area can be provided, under which a tender can be stored.

The side decks, which are wide and uncluttered (all fittings are custom and recessed) and well protected by a raised toecap, provide easy access to the open forward area, dedicated to large sun pads. Further forward, the bow is also completely unencumbered: when the time comes to lay anchor, an electric mechanism raises the anchor and prepares it for setting: one of the many custom features of the yacht.


Divided in two separate areas, the interiors offer comfortable accommodation designed with painstaking care. The panoramic pilot house is really a covered extension of the cockpit, with which it creates a single space divided only by the sliding glass doors. Dining, or lounging on the two facing C shaped settees, served by their respective tables, is an al fresco experience with the advantage of total protection and air conditioning. The forward area is dedicated to navigation. The helm station, served by a comfortable, ergonomic twin seat, combines all the instruments and commands for the control of the yacht with a 360 degree visibility provided by the generous curved windows.

Style on Camper & Nicholsons yachts is a primary concern: and so the entire instrument panel, with analog instruments set on a steel panel with leather trimmings and a wood rim on the wheel are all custom made with a consistent touch and feel of all materials on board. Below decks, the atmosphere becomes quiet and intimate (the engine room is aft, under the cockpit). The L shaped galley to starboard offers a generous space for all the necessary equipment and appliances. Aft of the galley a door provides access to an ample stowing space, which in turn leads to the engine room. This area can be converted into a crew cabin with en suite head should an owner desire this option.

Guests are provided with two state rooms: to port, with twin berths, and forward, where the large owners state room features a double berth with access from three sides. Both cabins have en suite heads with separate shower. The design and finish, a mix of British tradition and Italian style, make ample use of exclusive materials, in the best tradition of marine craftsmanship.

At sea

The history of Camper & Nicholsons leaves no doubt about this cruiser’s ambitions: to provide safe and comfortable navigation with the best possible seaworthiness under every condition, especially in a rough sea, where it maintains its ability to keep high speeds with little or no drama. Following in the steps of centuries of long range yacht building, Velsheda 50’ is designed with a deep V hull by Hunt, a guarantee of performance: not only in terms of speed, but also in terms of seakeeping. The elegant, timeless lines complete a unique package: Velsheda 50’ will take you where you want to go, and will not go unnoticed, just like the historical Camper & Nicholsons yachts.

The deep V hull offers additional advantages, such as a reliable stability and direction during mooring. Powered by twins 715 hp Caterpillar engines (with Volvo IPS as optional), Velsheda 50’ has a top speed of 31 knots, that allows for comfortable cruising at 28 knots with relatively low fuel consumption. Vacuum infusion construction is utilized with cored sandwich construction for the topsides and deck, and solid fiberglass for the bottom, that includes Kevlar reinforcements in the structural areas. This method guarantees the best fibre/resin ratio, offering maximum strength with a significant weight reduction, especially in the superstructure and the raised parts of the hull. This means the yacht has a lower centre of gravity, which limits both roll and pitch in rough conditions.

Moreover, lamination with vinyl ester resin assures the hull has better long term protection against osmosis. The large open air living space, the light and airy saloon and the precious interiors will allow for comfortable cruising for the family, assisted, if necessary, by a professional crew. And the yacht’s classic beauty will remain timeless, through the years.

It's in the details

Centuries of tradition by Camper & Nicholsons can be found in the infinite number of custom details manufactured for each single model. The fold-away anchor, that frees the stainless steel stemhead, which is itself curved to fit the bow, and all the steel components, that are both functional and stylish; the solid mahogany trims and all the many intricately crafted interior accessories, each detail is designed for utmost functionality and is treated with the style and elegance that can be expected from a brand with over two hundred years of experience.

Technical Specification